Maxine (Max) originally produced her spicy Black Sauce for family and friends. It was always prepared with love and a keen eye for the best ingredients.

Max has dedicated herself to family and her love of good food. So it is with great pride and honour that her daughter Tahn, along with business partner Robert, are bringing Max’s unique Black Sauce to the rest of the world.

Just like Max herself,  Max’s Black Sauce has a way of bringing people together. Robert and Tahn’s manufacturing days involve both families who offer encouragement, laughter and the odd cup of tea between batches of sauce.

Rober Taylor

Robert’s mother comes from the Nunda people located around Kalbarri and Hut River in the Mid West.  
He is a chef and a businessman who takes immense pleasure in helping to produce such an outstanding Australian made product.

Tahn Donovan

Tahn is Wardandi of the South West of Western Australia, Tahn is Max’s daughter and very proud to take her mother’s sauce to other families.