Max's Black Original Chilli Paste

chilli-paste-pic.jpgMax’s Black fragrant and sumptuous Chilli Paste is prepared with dried red chillies, perfectly balanced with native Australian Bush herbs, giving it a sweeter chilli taste and subtle savoury notes that bring an extra bit of kick to any dish. Our Chilli Paste is cooked slowly to release the intense flavours of dried bush tomato and fruity notes of native pepperyberry, adding a Cajun style flavour to your favourite dishes.

DID YOU KNOW The roots of the Bush Tomato plant were traditionally used to treat toothache. The roots are baked in ash and then peeled and placed on the aching tooth.  A rich source of minerals, particularly potassium, bush tomatoes are also high in vitamin C. The dried fruit can be stored for several years making it an important bushfood.

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