Max's Black Wattle Seed Chilli Sauce

wattle-seed-chilli-paste.jpgWe dark-roast the wattleseed, releasing the most delightful aroma of nutty fresh roasted coffee. We then infuse the uniquley Australian flavour of roasted wattleseed with the distinctive blend of bush herbs in Max’s Black - Chilli Paste, creating a burst of bush flavours that will add a full bodied nutty flavour with attitude to any dish.

DID YOU KNOW that the wattleseeds have a diverse number of uses in the kitchen, from baking to thickening of sauces and casseroles, even ice cream. High in fibre, they are also a rich source of  protein and carbohydrate. and contain potassium, calcium,  iron and zinc in high concentrations.

With a low glycemic index, they are good for diabetics, providing a steady stream of sugars that do not produce sudden rises in blood glucose levels.

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